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Land compensation too little says former resident of Red Hill. Hunched in his seat, Roy Levendal, 81, sighed as he explained the heartache he endured when his family was forcibly removed from.

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Dating in Joburg: romantic restaurant ideas for every kind. For the first date. Amarcord Italian Food (Randburg). There’s something inherently romantic about the Italians, and the setting at Amarcord is perfect for getting to know someone special a little better.

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10 (more) unusual things to do around Joburg - Getaway. An easy and beautiful day trip from Joburg, I last went to Black Horse Brewery for breakfast while on assignment to find five of the best Magaliesberg getaways.. An artisanal craft brewery and restaurant are located on site underneath lush trees overlooking the lazy Magalies river.

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KAMERS/Makers Stellenbosch | KAMERS/Makers KAMERS/Makers Stellenbosch. KAMERS/Makers is heading to a brand new venue in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands. With over 160 artisan crafters showcasing the coolest stuff you’ve never seen – from fashion to food… skincare to ceramics… jewellery, lifestyle, music and more – at Blaauwklippen Vineyards, a picturesque venue with historic buildings and ancient oaks dating back to.

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Cape Town dating: meet great people in your city. Looking for love on the Cape Town dating scene? EliteSingles can help. Our priority, as one of the premium dating sites, is to help smart, vibrant, South African men and women connect.

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Sophie scores hubby number 3 - Ndaba secretly weds Joburg. Veteran actress and businesswoman Sophie Ndaba has married for the third time. Ndaba eloped with Joburg businessman Max Lichaba and went to Italy where they put a ring on it last month.

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[WATCH] Mandela family welcomes ANC request to visit. Mandla Mandela, the chief of the Mvezo Traditional Council and the grandson of Nelson Mandela, says that the ANC leadership will visit his grandfather's grave site on 11 February 2018.

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Newtown Heritage Trail Newtown, Lord Milner and Lionel Curtis. Lord Alfred Milner, 1st Viscount (1854 - 1925) was a leading British statesman and colonial administrator who played a significant role in the redevelopment of South Africa following the South African War (1898 - 1902).

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